Haute or Faux?


Olivia Wilde is as pretty as a princess in this look.  It drapes beautifully, it does not overwhelm her small frame, and the neutral color and subtle print are very flattering.  I like that accessories were kept to a minimum, and her hair was kept long and loose, keeping the vibe a little bohemian.


I do not like these jeans!  They are shapeless, and should have a more definite silhouette.  The black boots are oh-so-boring, and the tiny satin evening bag is entirely out of place.  Quick fixes?  Lose the jeans and replace them with nicely flared jeans that hug the body through the thighs before widening at the bottom (for a lengthening effect).  Swap the black leather boots for a camel colored snakeskin or grey suede pair – it will add texture and a bit of contrast to the look.  Replace the bag with something classic and regular-sized; a black quilted Chanel bag with the traditional chain strap would be perfect.  And add some accessories!  Either a bold statement necklace or an oversized pin for the blazer are definitely in order.

I actually love fur, but not like this.  Emmy Rossum disappoints in this look.  The vest is just too fuzzy, boxy, and overwhelming on her.  The combination of the vest and the off-center bun make the look juvenile.    If she just let down her hair, burned the vest, and threw on a cropped, fitted leather (or dark denim) jacket, she would be perfect!

via Haute or Faux?.


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