How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses

1. The Breathe-and-Rub

You fog up one lens at a time and wipe away the debris with your shirt.  This is a bad idea for two reasons. First, it’s best not to do any cleaning with any shirt while you’re still wearing it.  Second, unless you have the composition of all your clothing memorized, you might accidentally rub your lenses with a polyester or lycra blend.  Abrasive fabrics can wear away at the anti-glare coating, and even scratch your lenses.

2. “Bartender, you got any Windex?”

Windex is a wonderful helper in the office, but it is principally made of isopropanol, which wears away the finish on your lenses.  You’re wearing these glasses, so don’t spray anything on your lenses that you wouldn’t spray directly on your face.  Windex also contains 2-butoxyethanol, which is a paint solvent.

3. The MacGyver Compromise

I watched as a guy dipped a napkin in his date’s Bombay Sapphire martini, and then scrubbed down his aviators.  This was a waste of perfectly good gin, and also meant he was smearing olive juice on his fine eyewear.  To complement his genius, he cleaned it off with a restaurant napkin (which are almost always made of polyester).

The final solution is simple: if you don’t have lens cleaner on you, just excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.  Wet your lenses in the sink with warm water, and pump hand soap on the lenses.  The gentle detergents will lubricate any dirt and debris.  The soap is water soluble, so it leaves no residue.  On your way out of the bathroom, just wipe the water away with any paper hand towel.

This is exactly how you would clean fine glassware, and you should treat any glassware on your face the same way.

via How To Take Care Of Your Sunglasses | The Fashion Spot.


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