6 Top Style Defining Accessories

Double Cuff Bracelets

Demi Moore has always been a woman of class. This summer she is all about fashion as she gave us example of the latest trends and the right accessory.

The star has chosen white dress, which will be too simple, if she didn’t add the perfect accessory – double cuffed bracelets.

Those bracelets are considered to be the perfect jewels of the summer. They go well with sleeveless dresses and add an absolute style to the entire look. Go for bigger bracelets, for they will be in the trend for the summer.

Gipsy Earrings

The Gypsy style is back at the fashion scene, therefore try to upgrade your wardrobe with something gypsy and wild. The jewels of the season are devoted to the gypsy style and represents vibrant and wild accessories in all kind of colors.

Those earrings are the hit of the season. They are made out of stones and silver as the main color is violet.

Purple and blue are also in the trend, when it comes to gypsy accessories. Don’t forget to add some shawl in a gypsy style; it is always modern and eccentric way to spend the summer days like a gypsy queen.

Stylish Silk Scarf

A silk scarf never went out of the fashion scene, but this summer it is the right accessory for style and sex-appeal. You can find bright scarves in the collection of the biggest designers.

Of course the scarves made by Hermes are the best you can choose, for they are eminent with their class. In case you want to be different, pick some scarves with floral motifs or patterns.

It will also bring some eccentric look to your outfit. You can combine the scarf with jeans and top. Go for the lightweight scarf, because it brings more class to your summer wardrobe.

A Belt With Personality

Beyonce is the star that always fascinates us with her fashion ideas. The star has chosen bold belts as an accessory, which is a good idea for adding more glamour and personal touch to her outfits.

This season the belts come in thousands of varieties, so you can choose from prim to edgy. The waist-cinching belt also goes perfectly with super high-heels and big jewels.

via 6 Top Style Defining Accessories | The Fashionables.


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