How To Choose Flattering Coat For Your Shape

Women love coats for they are warm and comfortable. But they should fit well and look stylish, too. Taking into account the fact we all have different shapes it is sometimes really hard to choose a coat that looks great.

However, everything is possible and even easy when you have someone to help you. So, here I am and my tips on choosing the right coat for your figure.

Petite figure. Your coat style is of knee length, with bracelet sleeves and simple lines. To create the illusion of a taller frame you can try empire waists, belts and fitted bodices. Beautiful details at necklines will look interesting, but be careful not to overdo. Long coats, double-breasted styles, any kinds of voluminous details and wide lapels are to stay away from. They will hardly flatter your tiny shape.

Curvy figure. You are very lucky to have a curvy figure. To accentuate your assets you should look for straight or belted coats, with simple lines and natural-looking shoulder padding. Knee-length will work best for you as will narrow lapels tapered to the waist. To have a steamlined look try single-breasted coats. Things to avoid: high necklines, flap or patch pockets.

Broad Shoulders. Opt for a cocoon coat or any coats that have loose, unstructured jackets. A huge No is a double-breasted style as it can make your shoulders look even broader. Raglan sleeves and deep armholes will look nice. Stiff fabrics are to avoid as well as breast pockets, trimming, epaulets and shoulder pads. Try the mid-hip length or longer and choose detailed hem to balance your figure. V-necks will work best.

Narrow Shoulders. Your choice is a military coat, with defined shoulders and reasonable padding. Steer clear of dropped or raglan sleeves, choose straight sleeves instead. To distract attention from your shoulders you might want to highlight the waist with the help of a belt. Double-breasted coats will be a great decision.

Boyish figure. To look more feminine you need a coat with a princess-shaped silhouette, bold details like large buttons or patch pockets. Seamed bodices can give you shape as well. However, too full and exaggerated shoulder details will be unflattering.

Small Bust. Try styles with a nipped waist and flattering details on top. Classic trench-coat that is always trendy will become a good option. Wide lapels, seams, draping at shoulder and high armholes will help you. Square or boxy silhouettes are to stay away from.

Full Bust. To make full bust look great you will need semi-fitted, single-breasted styles of coats, with deep V-necks, and narrow lapels. High armholes and natural shoulder will make you look slimmer while full sleeves will add volume to the area you want to hide. Stay away from high necklines, patch pockets and double-breasted styles. You might want to try fitted waists, but make sure the seams aren’t too high and the cut isn’t too tight for you.

Protruding belly. Single-breasted style will be the most perfect. Other options include: straight-cut, tailored styles or a subtle A-line shape. For a slimmer silhouette go for armholes and a natural shoulder. Oversized buttons and pocket details near the waist are to avoid. Mid-hip or longer length will work well for your shape.

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