Berlin S/S 2011 Fashion Week: Runway Review

Berlin Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, took place July 7-11 in Germany’s capital city.  The event took place in the heart of the historic city at Bebelplatz, Berlin’s public square. Growing in popularity, Mercedes-Benz is now the primary sponsor of Berlin’s Fashion Week for the seventh time in a row, making Berlin one of the “it” cities for fashion-forward, innovative designs.

Some of the highlights from Berlins Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week:


30Paarhaende, literally translated into English “30 Pairs of Hands,” was one of Berlin S/S 2011 Fashion Week’s biggest hits.  Focusing on an extremely neutral color palette, the show featured a few orange accent pieces, like one beautifully constructed tulip shaped skirt, but primarily featured pieces in black, beige, white, gray, or taupe. Perfectly tailored dresses were the most striking pieces of the collection; a collection, which one could easily say, is extremely wearable, making the beauty of the pieces that much more appealing.

Lena Hoschek:

Austrian designer Lena Hoschek was another favorite during Berlin’s S/S 2011 Fashion Week. Showcasing a Betty Page meets Katy Perry collection, that although undeniably retro, still felt modern and fresh. Mixing patterns, and fabrics, the collection was flirty, feminine, and wearable.  The mix of classic and contemporary makes was a refreshing twist during Berlin S/S 2011. The fifties housewife is back with a vengeance.


DIMITRI’s S/S 2011 showing at Berlin’s Fashion Week rocked the runway. Colorful, creative, and contemporary, it featured big, bold statements with cultural undertones from around the world. Chunky jewelry, mostly wood and metals, fashioned like what you would expect to see on an Amazonian tribe, completed each look. Animal prints and leather were also used to complete the cohesively “worldly” collection.  DIMITRI’s S/S 2011 brought culture and fashion together in a way that’s never looked so beautiful.

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