Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010

There is probably no woman in this world who dislikes flowers. So, the new Couture Fall 2010 collection by Christian Dior will be a real hit as it is all about flowers, literally.

The creative director of the brand, John Galliano created the most blooming range I have ever seen in my life and the most gorgeous. Dresses came in vibrant colors and all possible shades. The form of upturned flowers, with layers of degradé petals and ruffles cascading over full skirts looked incredibly beautiful.

The flower show was fantastic. As if we got in fairy-tale where model girls were flowers and John Galliano was a caring gardener who would give his life for his creatures.

The ‘floral moment’ the designer had while creating his Christian Dior Couture Fall 2010 collection was so strong that he used flower wraps to make headpieces to complete the picture of flower rein. This looked eccentric and told so much about the imagination and talent of the designer.

The inspiration for the range was drawn from the summer garden of Christian Dior’s childhood home, Les Rhumbs, in Normandy. John Galliano even spent an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip. This helped him understand how he wanted his flowers to look at the catwalk.

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