How to Wear All Over Floral

Flowers are always a dominant theme, reinterpreted season after season, and it’s about time that we devote ourselves truly to this blooming print.

Designers are going into overdrive, creating looks completely centered on these timeless florals. For S/S 2010, both Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch showcased head to toe floral looks that were an eye catching explosion of color.

To keep from looking too much like the wallpaper in your grandmother’s bedroom, wear two separate pieces in different but complementary floral prints.

At Dolce & Gabanna, the floral looks were all about separates: floral on a red blouse paired with floral on black bloomer shorts.

This may seem like a clashing combination, but the hues of red within both pieces, the red roses on the shorts, and the red background on the blouse tied them together for a unified look.

Color coordination is a simple trick to make all over florals look chic, rather than over-the-top.

Juxtaposing different sized florals together is another trick to break up the repetitiveness of an all over floral look.

If one piece has large florals scattered sparingly, balance the print out by pairing it with a piece that has a dense conglomeration of close-knit florals. Shape matters when it comes to flowers, and in this case opposites attract.

No matter what kind of floral prints you play with, make sure that you wear them on sharp and sophisticated shapes. Florals already keep the eye moving all on their own and don’t need any extra oomph from extroverted details like ruffles, bows, and pleats to stand out. Keep away from the frills, and stick to clean lines and simple tailoring.

via How to Wear All Over Floral.


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