Bold Swimsuits Step Out For Summer

Happy Thursday! Better yet—happy day-before-you-rush-off-to-your-4th-of-July-plans. While your minds might be already shore-side, if you’re like us, your weekender bag might still be on the unprepared side. As a last hurrah of inspiration, we have this exclusive swimsuit editorial shot by James Ryang with hand-painted backdrops by Keren Richter. Featuring all the shoppable bold swimwear you could ever dream to have, we’ve also got easy hair tips for really taking the look to the next level. So study up, get inspired, and add some last minute embellishments to your holiday weekend look.

via Bold Swimsuits Step Out For Summer.


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One Response to Bold Swimsuits Step Out For Summer

  1. Rose says:

    These are definetly not my style of swim wear but I loved all of them. They’re so unique! I wan tto make my own style of swimsuits soon I just don’t know how to get started.

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