How To Wear Nude

The color nude has been taking over the fashion weeks and the street style blogs with a fiery vengeance. A color previously overlooked because of the monotone and unimaginative connotation attached to it is now becoming a worldwide staple.

In actuality, its minimalist look and clean character leaves room for the imagination to flow, making it one of the most versatile color foundations around which to work a look.

It evokes timelessness, for it is not defined by a certain decade, nor does it try too hard to be noticed by being overly decadent. Yet it cannot help but stand out, as it gracefully mimics images of perfection like the purity of flawless baby skin, or a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream.

From deep camel to a light hint of beige, nude can be worn in a wide spectrum of tones that bring to mind nature’s softest influences.

Whether you wear it from head to toe, or broken up with your favorite black statement piece, nude never fails to go a long way, and be just as statement-making as the season’s most colorfully saturated pieces.

To get some tips on styling pieces in this au natural color, take a look at all the different ways that these young women wear it. The possibilities are endless.

via How To Wear Nude.


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