Sonia Rykiel Resort 2011 Collection

The Resort 2011 collection by Sonia Rykiel brand is very romantic and summery. Light fabrics and simple but beautiful designs make the range so pretty and attractive to us, customers.

Sonia Rykiel says the inspiration for the Resort 2011 collection was the Côte d’Azur, specifically an Art Deco hotel in the town of Juan-les-Pins, where she spends her vacation time. From the first glance it seems that the range is very typical to Sonia Rykiel, but if one looks closer she will understand that the clothes were designed with ease in mind.

Usual abundance of knits and trompe l’oeil touches were added by a few simple jumpsuits that are so fashionable this season. Ultra-lightweight 16-ply cashmere, fine-gauge merino wool and very airy chiffon were the perfect materials for the Sonia Rykiel line.

What focused the attention on were the high-waisted trousers and pill-box hats – items that give the sense of retro chic and sophistication.

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