Best Outfits for Summer Parties

And you thought planning the buffet was the hardest part! When it comes to the season’s most fun fetes, try this perspiration-free plan for cool clothing options on scorching-hot nights.

Garden Luncheon

With the hydrangea in full bloom, you can’t beat the beauty of Mother Nature, so you may as well join her. Make like a bouquet and intoxicate guests with peonies, pansies, and begonias printed on delicate silk. Add a modern spin with a pair of voluminous short-shorts that will keep the focus on your stems — and away from the pollen count.

In Your Own Backyard

Hostessing is a dirty job. Between refreshing drinks and serving your famous apple pie à la mode, you may as well hide behind an apron all day. Instead, make the most of it. Trade in Dad’s old “Kiss the Cook” number for an intricate woven overlay that is more world-class beauty, less Betty Crocker.

Lobster Boil

Plastic bibs are for amateurs. A cropped-sleeve navy blazer lets you get crack-happy with the crustaceans, while the dark color masks any evidence of your butter-dipped feast. Cheeky nautical stripes wrapped bandage-style around the bottom half smooth out any landlubber. Ahoy!

via Best Outfits for Summer Parties – What to Wear to Summer Parties – Marie Claire.


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