How to choose a blouse

Blouse is an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. Nowadays we have such a great choice of blouses of any kinds that it is often very difficult to find one that will look good on this or that particular shape. However, everything is possible and using the tips given below shopping for a blouse will become much easier for women of all shapes.

Wide hips and narrow shoulders

Women with wide hips often have a thin waist. If you are one of these you will need blouses of light pastel tones, tight-fitting at the waist. Stay away from bright and loose blouses if you want to soften the difference between girths of your hips and the midriff. The best option will be a blouse of beige, sand or white color in safari style. Avoid large buttons but a thin belt and shoulder pads will flatter you much.

Narrow hips and shoulders

In case your shoulders and hips are narrow you most likely have a rectangular shape. If that is true you better keep off blouses with low and V-necks. Oval necks will make you look more feminine, but rectangular necks will hardly flatter your shape. Blouses with wider top and narrower bottom will look on you better that those with wider bottom and narrower top. Assymetrical pieces will be great while sheer ones are to be avoided.

Broad shoulders and narrow hips

If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips you tend to look very masculine. But blouse can easily correct this flaw of your figure. Try to acentuate attention on the waist and hips by wearing elongated, clinging to the waist blouses, belts of contrast colors, loose blouses with low necks and falling down shoulder. Plaid and stripy blouses as well as richly printed ones are to be avoided. Loose blouses will only make your figure heavier.

Feminine silhouette

Ideal woman’s figure is the one that reminds an hourglass. If you have this shape you are really lucky as you can wear almost any kind of blouse including pieces of sports style, wrap-up blouses, sheer items, glitzy blouses, etc. Emphasize your midriff as this will just focus attention on your perfect figure.

Wide waist

Sometimes women complain that they have imperfect waists that are too wide. With the help of blouse this problem area can be corrected but it is not as easy. First of all, you should avoid blouses with big patterns and bright colors. Too tight or too loose blouses are not the best options either. Try a blouse with a medium neck that widens starting from the bust all the way down. Loose area at the waist will allow you to hide the protruding belly. Vertical stripes will be great as well as reserved tones. Steer clear of thick fabrics and opt for light summery ones because these wil not make your figure voluminous in your problem areas. And don’t wear belts.

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  1. Kate says:

    I’ve found that the right style of blouses can really make or break the entire outfit.

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