Trend: The Maxi Skirt

The maxi skirt may be one of the most dramatic of all trends this upcoming fall with its floor skimming length and graceful draping.

Many of the fall runways featured maxi skirts in all different types of prints, colors, and textures, making them the centerpiece of an entire outfit.

The best part about the maxi skirt is that it only requires a few easy pieces to create a show-stopping look.

Michael Kors featured one in an expensive looking fabric infused with metallic threading for a standout light-reflecting effect.

A skirt like this is so statement-making on its own that it only needs a simple knit sweater and beanie to complete the look. The maxi skirt is all about luxury this upcoming season and it is dying to be the center of attention, so keep everything else basic.

Maxi skirts also look good covered in exotic prints or an all over rich color.

At Dries van Noten, a model wore a silky purple maxi skirt with tropical influences, creating a vibrant juxtaposition with everything that is stereotypically fall. A maxi skirt splashed with vivid hues call for more subtle and utilitarian counterparts such as a slouchy t-shirt in a natural color like khaki, beige, gray, or brown.

The Olsen sister’s got the entire concept of simplicity in the city spot on with their most recent collection of The Row that highlighted the easiness and minimalism of the basic black maxi skirt. The key to updating an all black look is to work with edgy and sleek textures for contrast and added dimension. Pile on sheer silk blouses that billow in the front, satiny blazers, leather gloves, reptile-printed purses, and sleek low slung belts with your black maxi skirt for an ensemble that is utterly chic.

via Trend: The Maxi Skirt.


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