Iman Wants Models With Personality

The supermodel Iman believes modern models should have more personality.

The fact that young models aren’t asked for opinion when clothing or makeup is chosen for them disappoints Iman. She thinks designers and models need to work more closely.

The supermodel – who was named Fashion Icon of the Year at 2010 CFDA Awards – said:

In my day it was, ‘Do you like that? Would you wear it that way?’ You could be your own person. And nobody walked the same way on the runway. Don’t get me wrong, there are great girls today. But they have lost that role, of collaborating with the designers. There is not that relationship anymore.”

The 55-year-old beauty felt very flattered when she was given the award and said she would agree to be dressed by young designer Alexander Wang.

She told the New York Times newspaper:

The award came as a surprise but it does the ego good. I plane to take Alexander up on his offer to dress me now!”

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One Response to Iman Wants Models With Personality

  1. She sure looks great for 55!!

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