True Blood‘s Small Town Chic: Blue Jeans & Fanny Packs

On Tuesday, the cast of True Blood gathered to celebrate their upcoming third-season premiere, and the ladies of Bon Temps—including Carrie Preston, Rutina Wesley, and Deborah Ann Woll—hit the red carpet in chic, fitted frocks with statement earrings to match. Their characters aren’t likely to look quite as festive anytime soon: “This year [my clothes have] gotten a bit plainer,” said Woll, who plays newbie vampire Jessica. “I wore my own jeans a number of times.” Preston, who plays barmaid Arlene, said that while her alter ego is seldom seen out of her Merlotte’s uniform, “she’ll accessorize the heck out of it. Many earrings, and a different fanny pack every day.” Wesley, who plays Tara, was unable to divulge much about her upcoming fashions (or plot-lines) but she did say that Tara’s “wardrobe will definitely be more fun.” Tune in to check out the looks—and, of course, the horror, the mystery, and the romance—this Sunday at 9PM EST on HBO.

via What’s Right Now : True Blood‘s Small Town Chic: Blue Jeans & Fanny Packs.


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