Galliano’s Perfect Issy

JOHN GALLIANO hasn’t decided who could best play Isabella Blow in the in the soon-to-be-made biopic.

“It’s a tough job,” he told us. “She’ll have big shoes to fill. It needs to be someone who captures the essence of Issy, who understands who she was and what she meant to everyone that knew her. She’ll also need to grasp Issy’s innate sense of style and how she represented the industry. I can’t think of anyone at the moment. I do like the idea of her being played by three different people at various different stages of her life.”

Galliano, who counted himself as a close friend of Blow, denied rumours he is to feature as himself in the film.

“That’s all just talk,” he commented. “Nothing is confirmed – it’s still in the very early stages.”

The designer, who is acting at chairman of Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden this year and unveiled his three chose finalists on Friday, has dressed some of the world’s most glamorous women – including Charlize Theron and Gisele – but he described one actress as his ultimate muse.

“Dressing Liz Taylor was incredible,” he said. “Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her but it gave me a real buzz to see her wearing my clothes. She is the ultimate Galliano girl.”

via John Galliano on who should play the role of Isabella Blow ( UK).


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