Avril Lavigne’s Alice in Wonderland Collection

Avril Lavigne is a big girl now but her childhood was so happy she just cannot forget about it. So, when the remake of the iconic film Alice in Wonderland was being shot she decided to take an active part in the process.

First of all she offered Mr Burton to write a song for the movie and she finally did that. When the song was ready Avril didn’t feel satisfied. She made up her mind to design a clothing line inspired by the story. And now the singer-turned designer has launched her junior Alice in Wonderland collection as a part of Abbey Dawn line.

Speaking about the new range Avril said:

“I went through binders of images from the film to get inspiration for the clothing. We ended up using a lot of the floral prints, which were the flowers with the faces, and the verbiage like ‘Shrink me.’ It was kind of like anything and everything. My favourite is the white T-shirt with the rabbit stopwatch on it because it’s the iconic stopwatch.”

As we can see at the pics the collection is rather diverse and includes pieces in black and bright pink. The T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, dresses and other items in the line are rather affordable, they all come under $50.

Avril felt very excited at the launch party. She said:

“I am a huge fan of the Alice in Wonderland story and am beyond thrilled that Disney has joined this venture with Abbey Dawn to celebrate the launch of Mr. Burton’s film. Kohl’s is a great partner for my brand, and together we look forward to bringing this limited-edition product to our customers.”

via Teen Style – MillionLooks.com – Fashion trends.


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