30 New Holiday Party Hair Ideas

Whether you like your hair swept up, loose and flowing, or dressed up with an accessory, we’ve got you covered this party season. For 30 more hair ideas, pick up the December issue of Allure.

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The Secret to Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

I once rode in an elevator with a very, VERY famous fashion editor. It was just the two of us and after a moment of total silence she stared at my skinny black trousers, which I’d rolled up an inch or two, and said, “It’s the eternal question of trousers, isn’t it? Do you wear them shorter and show a bit of ankle, which is flattering — or do you wear them long, to make your legs look longer?”

There was no answering the question — and in any case, I was too shocked and scared to speak. But in that spirit, I shall now pose the eternal question of eyeliner: Should you wear it along your lower lashline? I think not.

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown says that it all depends on the shape of your eye. But in real, everyday life (outside runway shows and rock bands and wild parties), it seems to me that lower-lid eyeliner is generally a no-win. It tends to automatically make your eyes look smaller, whereas liner just along the top lashes does just the opposite. (Try Sonia Kashuk’s Precision Eyeliner Brush and Longwear Gel Liner on your upper lashline and see if I’m wrong.)

Case in point: The super-gorgeous January Jones at a couple of recent events, with eyeliner top and bottom vs. eyeliner on the top lid only.

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Nina’s “Shostopper” Booties Are a Disco for Your Feet

The questions I always ask myself before buying a party shoe are:

1. Are the heels high enough?

2. Can I wear them with more than one outfit?

3. Can I last at least five hours in them?

4. But are the heels really high enough?

Now we can add “but do they light up?” on the party-shoe list of requirements.

If you’re buying Nina’s “Shostopper” open-toe bootie the answer is yes, let there be light! A guaranteed 300 hours of light. I’m a fan of the height, platform for comfort, and slim heel, but I’m not sure whether or not I’d actually turn the shoes on. A disco for your feet – what are your thoughts?

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Style Crush: Rachel Bilson

Our latest style crush is Rachel Bilson, an obvious fashion lover and fellow short girl to (high-heeled) boot. Rachel’s look is all about bold prints and leather accents offset by the occasional sweet little dress. And sometimes she’ll wear something totally weird (see: jorts), but she’ll be so confident about it that we have no choice but to conclude that she looks totally amazing anyway.

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Love Her Style: Kate Bosworth

The gorgeous starlet has a chameleon-esque ability to pull off everything from beachy glam to retro flapper.

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Holiday Pampering Tips

Soho’s Haven Spa NYC is known around Manhattan for being one of the more affordably posh spots to get pampered. Located on Mercer Street for over a decade, Haven has become a neighborhood favorite. On one of my recent visits, I spoke with two members of their expert staff: nail expert Fahmida Mumith and esthetician Stalina Glot to get the scoop on this season’s hottest nail colors and some pre and post holiday pampering inspiration.

The Fashion Spot: Are there any nail polish shades that seem to be particularly popular this holiday season?

Fahmida Mumith: There are a variety of colors that people are opting for, but those in the ranges of reds and burgundy are particularly popular. Also the glitter polishes from Zoya and white shimmers seem to be big favorites.

tFS: What are the best treatments to get for those low on time and high on stress?

Stalina Glot: We’ve actually designed Massage M.E. Treatment for that reason. People in a time-crunch should go for targeted 30-minute treatments, like a massage that focuses on one particularly troublesome area, like a classic and effective smoothing, softening and moisturizing body scrub (which is particularly helpful when looking to target dry winter skin), a blackhead-targeting facial treatment, or go for something simple like a pedicure.

tFS: When dealing with dry skin in the winter, what are the best treatments to get? Is there anything to avoid in terms of product/treatment?

SG: Avoid extra drying products and block out an hour to go get a serious facial. I perform a Bootcamp Facial here that uses botanical-based Sonya Dakar products. It’s customized to address whatever the client’s specific concerns (think acne, discoloration, smoothing fine lines).

tFS: What do you suggest for pre-holiday treatments? Post?

FM: Before, treat your nails to a manicure and pedicure. After, opt for a more intense foot treatment. I perform something we call Haven Foot Renaissance, which is basically a foot facial – perfect for relaxing tired feet that have been strapped in high heels! Look for a treatment that uses algae for stimulation and essential oils.

SG: Get a facial before and after, but make sure the post facial includes a specific eye treatment.

tFS: What are your go-to winter beauty products?

SG: Intense moisturizers, moisturizing masks, facial oils, and facial scrubs.

tFS: Do you have any tips for those traveling between cold and warm weather this holiday season?

SG: Frequent use of hydrating masks.

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Chris Benz Spring/Summer Collections 2011

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Item Of The Week: Milly Combo Dress

Just because you’re busy shopping for everyone else doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself. This mock double layer wool/acrylic dress by Milly is a fresh change of pace from all the glitz of the holiday season. Bishop sleeves and the oversized bow emphasize the flirty, 60’s vibe of this dress. Understated but elegent, it’s perfect for your holiday office party but can be dressed up or down depending on your shoe pairings. Pair it with patterned tights, patent-heel ankle boots and a funky cocktail ring for a polished evening ensemble that isn’t too cutesy. For daytime, pair it with ballet flats or tall, flat boots for a shopping outing with friends. Add a sparkly brooch on the bow to further individualize your chic new look. Happy shopping!

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Q&A Melissa Coker

Fashion recently had a chance to catch up with Melissa Coker, founder of Wren. The Illinois-born and raised designer hails from the stylish all-American town of Lake Forest. The motivation for her designs comes from more than a decade’s experience in both the East and West Coast fashion industries. Coker took her first steps down this path with an internship at Helmut Lang, then newly headquartered in New York. Eventually she moved on to editorial roles with Vogue, W and Details. After this, she accepted a position spotting trends and providing brand direction for corporate apparel companies. It was during this time that she began to dream of launching a line of her own.

Her label Wren was founded in 2007. According to the Wren website, its name comes from Jenny Wren, “a sadly winsome little creature who makes dresses for dolls in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend—only the first in a long line of muses that embody the label’s dedication to perfect imperfection.” The LA-based brand conveys a free-spirited enthusiasm combined with [moderate] chic and subtle classiness.

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Item Of The Week: Miu Miu Patent Platform Pumps

Get through the holiday season in style with these towering Miu Miu hot pink patent leather platform pumps ($585 at Neiman Marcus). They are the perfect update to a basic black cocktail dress, and a chic change of pace from a typical black embellished evening shoe. They are so versatile you’ll be pulling them out again and again. Wear them with your favorite skinnies, peeking out of wide leg jeans or a streamlined pant suit, or with your favorite dresses and pencil skirts. When wearing brights, there is always a fine line between chic and cheap, so pare down the rest of your look (think minimalist and sophisticated). The shoes should add an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise neutral ensemble (no hot pink shirts, please!). Snag these cheeky pumps now and be ahead of the curve all winter long; bright yellow and pink are headed our way for spring… happy shopping!

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