10 Items To Bright Up Your Summer Look

The 2010 summer fashion is outstanding especially because of the large majority of details we have available to make and outfit sparkle.

Of course , the cool dress you bought last season can be worn this season too but consider refreshing its look with at least one sparkling colored item so its beauty would be emphasized even more.

This is a smart advice for any outfit you may wear this summer and here are 10 cool items that will surely bright up your fashionable look.

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Haute or Faux?


Olivia Wilde is as pretty as a princess in this look.  It drapes beautifully, it does not overwhelm her small frame, and the neutral color and subtle print are very flattering.  I like that accessories were kept to a minimum, and her hair was kept long and loose, keeping the vibe a little bohemian.


I do not like these jeans!  They are shapeless, and should have a more definite silhouette.  The black boots are oh-so-boring, and the tiny satin evening bag is entirely out of place.  Quick fixes?  Lose the jeans and replace them with nicely flared jeans that hug the body through the thighs before widening at the bottom (for a lengthening effect).  Swap the black leather boots for a camel colored snakeskin or grey suede pair – it will add texture and a bit of contrast to the look.  Replace the bag with something classic and regular-sized; a black quilted Chanel bag with the traditional chain strap would be perfect.  And add some accessories!  Either a bold statement necklace or an oversized pin for the blazer are definitely in order.

I actually love fur, but not like this.  Emmy Rossum disappoints in this look.  The vest is just too fuzzy, boxy, and overwhelming on her.  The combination of the vest and the off-center bun make the look juvenile.    If she just let down her hair, burned the vest, and threw on a cropped, fitted leather (or dark denim) jacket, she would be perfect!

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Celebrities At Comic Con 2010

Dresses make glam events interesting for me. And even Comic Con 2010 that is exciting by itself wouldn’t be so great if Eva Mendes, Anna Paquin, Kelly Brook, Vanessa Hudgens and Anna Kendrick arrived wearing something other than those perfect evening dresses!

via Celebrities At Comic Con 2010 – MillionLooks.com.

A New Beauty Trend – Red Hair

For the past decade century most of the fashion industry has been obsessed with blondes. And sure blondes are still on trend. But with the end of the 2000s and the start of the next decade it’s time for the blonde trend to give the wall.

And now, ladies, meet the red hair trend!

Red hair is perfect for the cooler months and if you’re considering a changing your look for 2010, consider red hair as the perfect option for Fall 2010.

But be very attentive, not all shades of red hair are in 2010. Red hair in 2010 is about richly colored and natural looking red hair, excepting crimson and gaudy copper tones.

via A New Beauty Trend – Red Hair | Ourvanity.com – Beauty and health secrets for everyone.

Angelina Jolie At Salt Premiere in Moscow

Angelina Jolie is a woman I always like to write about. She is beautiful, talented, compassionate, creative, etc. (I could go on and on!) And I’m really happy that her new film Salt is so popular with her fans. As you might know box office receipts exceeded ones of Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio during the weeekend. And this is only the beginning! On Sunday (July 25) Angelina visited Moscow to attend the premiere of Salt at Oktyabrskaya theater.

Angelina Jolie looked fantastic. She appeared at the stage in a low cut scarlet gown, her hair loose and lips blood red.

via Angelina Jolie At Salt Premiere in Moscow – MillionLooks.com.

Joge Lingerie Fall / Winter 2010/2011

One more Brazilian brand for today. This time we are talking about a company that produces lingerie – Joge. Joge have created a new line for us, fans of tempting hot underwear, for Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011.

via Joge Lingerie Fall / Winter 2010/2011 – MillionLooks.com.

Kim Kardashian is All Ablaze in Blazers

Kim Kardashian sure knows that the tailored lines and strong shoulders of blazers add a professional and powerful touch to any ensemble – she’s almost never without one. Her neutral color palette allows her to recycle the same blazers to create looks for both night and day.

The celebutante dresses up this black blazer with sky-high heels, and later dresses down the same piece with a scarf, comfortable pants, and flat sandals. Kardashian shows off the blazer’s satin lining by cuffing the sleeves.

As if her figure needed any enhancing, this cream colored blazer emphasizes Kim’s shoulders, creating a strong silhouette. She pairs it with leggings and heels, and later wears it over a romper for an elegant evening cover-up at her sister Khloe’s belated birthday celebration.  But wait, there’s a third blazer – it must be the bold stripes on this one that caught the eye of so many fans.

Take a cue from Kardashian, and get yourself a couple of hot blazers for fall!

via Kim Kardashian is All Ablaze in Blazers | The Fashion Spot.

Jessica Szohr: Get The Look

Blake Lively a.k.a. Serena van der Woodsen, and Leighton Meester a.k.a. Blair Waldorf may get most of the attention when it comes to Gossip Girl style, but Jessica Szohr a.k.a. Vanessa Abrams is just as much of a fashion plate.

Unlike Waldorf, who is more the Oscar de la Renta-type, and van der Woodsen, who opts more for tight Herve Leger numbers, Vanessa has a laid-back, casual style that is often infused with an ethnic flare.

I’m not the biggest fan of her boho looks, but I thought the outfit below – photographed while Szhor was on location in New York City – was interesting, because it incorporates a number of the reigning trends of the season – clogs, fringe, ethnic prints, and denim vests.

Thanks to a minimal amount of accessories, and a balance of prints, fabrics, and colors, Szohr made the most of an outfit that could have easily appeared forced and overly trendy.

via Jessica Szohr: Get The Look | The Fashion Spot.

Fall 2010 Style Guide: Classic Trends

The phrase “classic trends” may sound like an oxymoron, but there are certain styles that seem to make their way back, season after season.

Although they may have been interpreted a little differently over the years, the trends of lace, animal print, and halter dresses can now be put into the category of classic fashion.

Here are some new ways to wear the classics…


As we transition into fall, we’ll see that lace is now incorporated into everything from accessories to shoes, from trench coats to handbags.

When we think of lace, we usually picture the traditional black or white material, but not so anymore. Designers Nanette Lepore and Valentino both utilized colored lace in their fall collections.

Lace can be combined with just about anything this fall, if you want to create an edgier ensemble versus a delicate, elegant look.

Pair a lace top with shiny leggings and gold accessories for a rock star look, or create a more modern, hip look with a colorful lace hat, T-shirt, and ripped jeans.

Animal Print

Just like lace, animal print can be found on boots, shorts, coats, and everything in between.  Of course, you would not want to wear head-to-toe animal print unless you’re trying to camouflage yourself out in the wild.

For a classic look, try a pair of leopard print boots with a black pencil skirt and a crisp white top.  For a “I am woman, hear me roar” look, wear a leopard print coat with leather pants and over-the-knee boots.

Halter Dresses

Whether you’re 20 years old or 40 years old, if it’s spring or fall, the year 1967 or 2010, the halter dress is in.  Fashion icons Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren paved the way for the halter dress to become a fashion staple in every wardrobe.

Designers Emilio & Coco have turned this quintessential classic dress into something they’ve labeled “seductively practical.”  Rightfully so, because it’s the type of dress that can be worn day or night, that certainly makes for good eye candy.

In fact, you could even combine all three of the aforementioned classic trends to create a classy, chic look that will take you into fall and beyond.  What could be sexier than wearing a sweetheart halter dress with a pair of leopard print heels and a lace jacket?

via Fall 2010 Style Guide: Classic Trends | The Fashion Spot.

Me and my shadow: George Wu

Australian George Wu takes the simplicity of a monochromatic colour palette, and mixes it up the details and interesting cuts. A stand out of the collection are his harness-like tops that converge at the neck into a cut away shirt collar; a piece I’d love to get my hands on to experiment with layering under and over other pieces as a totally unique take on the buttoned-up collar trend.

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